FrEe FoOd!!!


(Now that I have your attention)… so my Dad is an iPhone app developer, and I just wanted to say that he has recently released an amazing app.

Now, I normally wouldn’t promote anything, but I think that this app is so helpful that people would benefit from it and should spread the word.

Basically, its a timetable app. Not just any, but the best timetable app there is. Its ideal for school, college and university, or whatever else your timetable-heart desires. It is adjustable, meaning the time slots and set up can fit your loopy schedules, suitable for things such as morning classes, different day numbers, and multiple timetables.

Some more reasons it is worth your time? Well for starts, it has some cool features, such as shaking your phone to see the current ‘lesson’, showing which lesson you’re currently in, or which one’s coming up, and showing how far you are through your current class. It also has a custom time keyboard, lots of changeable options, is easy to use, and importantly, it looks nice. Very nice.

Everyone I know who has bought the app says that it is great, and use it over any other timetable app. I’m really proud of my Dad and this app, so it would be greatly appreciated (and rewarding for you) if you would check it out and spread the word.

The app is called ‘Timetable Pro+' and is only $1, and is created for iOS 7.0.

Here is a link:


P.S. Have a nice day :-)

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